The Maccabees - Toothpaste Kisses
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Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees

Benjamin Gibbard - Indian Summer
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Indian Summer by Benjamin Gibbard

Julian Casablancas - Tourist
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The Helio Sequence - Lately
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Lately||The Helio Sequence

The Antlers - Putting the Dog to Sleep
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The Antlers // Putting The Dog To Sleep

The Antlers - I Don't Want Love
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i should have built better walls/or slept in my clothes

The Antlers - Epilogue
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Epilogue // The Antlers

"But you return to me at night just when I think I may have fallen asleep, your face is up against mine, and I’m too terrified to speak."

The Antlers - Shiva
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Suddenly every machine stopped at once, 
and the monitors beeped the last time.
Hundreds of thousands of hospital beds,
and all of them empty but mine. 

The Antlers - Two
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The Antlers- Two.

There’s two people living in one small room
From your two half-families tearing at you
Two ways to tell the story (no one worries) 
Two silver rings on our fingers in a hurry 
Two people talking inside your brain 
Two people believing that I’m the one to blame
Two different voices coming out of your mouth 
While I’m too cold to care and too sick to shout

The Antlers - Thirteen
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The Antlers / Thirteen